All about Max Henderson.

My bestest friend lives in Cape Town. I really miss her a lot and so whenever I have the opportunity to fly down to Cape Town, she is my #1 visiting priority (other than my mother and sister, that is). When she told me late last year that she was pregnant, I found myself already planning dates to travel down to Cape Town to take photos of her baby bump, as well as the little man. On 4 May we went down to Kommetjie Beach and did the preggy shoot with Candice and her husband, Neil. We chose the very spot they got married to do the shoot.

Max Henderson was due to arrive on 19 June. Given that it is normally ideal to do a new born shoot within 2 weeks of baby being born, I booked a flight for the last weekend in June. Candice eventually went into labour on 27 June, and after 14 hours of hard work, Max was born in a birthing pool weighing in at a hefty 4.31kg on 28 June. We were really worried that I would not get a chance to do the photoshoot, but on 30 June, 5 hours before I was due at the airport, Max Henderson featured in his very first photoshoot.

Candice opted for hypno-birthing as a method of managing her labour. She and Neil rave about the technique and feel that it has brought them even closer as a couple. If you would like to read more about it or get information on the courses, you can click here.

Peanut’s first photoshoot

In February, I visited Varsha to do a maternity photo shoot. Varsha is expecting a boy in March 2013. The photo shoot took place at her home with her hubby and 2 step sons.

I like to learn about traditions and cultures when I visit clients. Varsha explained to me that they had no purchased anything for the baby as it is viewed as being bad luck if items are purchased before the baby is born. All new baby items also need to be washed so that they were “old” when the baby received them. I find it so fascinating!

I was also so impressed with their garden – it was simply amazing. All the boys will have the most amazing place to run around and have a ton of fun, when they are not helping dad in the garage.

Introducing the Reiley Bump


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On 2 September I went to the West Rand and met Christabelle and Craig. This was Christabelle’s second child, and she was very eager for me to record the moments for her. Craig was so excited to have another son … Continue reading

Making reality into a timeless fantasy


It is a mantra, something I believe I am doing everyday – I am making sure that the most beautiful moments in people’s lives are captured and remembered. My most recent job was for Nadine and Stephan. They are expecting Vera-Lee to arrive in August 2012. We did a preggie shoot, to capture one of life’s most beautiful opportunities, pregnancy.

I know that while I was pregnant, that I would rather die, than be photographed but Nadine was looking amazing on the day of the shoot – something, I am sure you will agree with.


Meet “Bump”…


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On 20 May I did a maternity photo shoot for a young couple, Tarryn & Shanon, in Bosmont Johannesburg. She was 35 weeks pregnant, and still able to move around comfortably (I remember when I was 35 weeks pregnant – I could barely walk) This made … Continue reading